Friday, November 9, 2012

Thought to share knowledge...

First and foremost I should let you all know that why I have decided to write this blog. It's quite a simple idea that came to my mind and something that i should have started few years before. As an undergraduate student in the field of Information Technology(specialization in Software Engineering), it was great to share the knowledge that I gain from my University under each of my core subjects. Currently being in the end of my academic year, I turn back for three years of education with satisfaction since I could learn things in a vast area in the field of information technology. Since I always appreciate group studies with my friends, I learned each and every technology with great interest. I had an idea to recall my memory with some of those interesting subject contents, practicals and so on.

One point is, it will be a great help for my juniors at the same university and also would accomplish the needs of the viewers as well. I thought to use my prior knowledge of past years with the help of my own tutorials and notes to help understand concepts in a clearer and interesting way. Also the comments of the viewers are also highly appreciable :)

I hope I will enjoy blogging :)