About Me

Hi, I am Sherihan. I am very much interested in Software Engineering tools and techniques along with Mobile application development. Enthusiastic to learn new technology. Love to share my knowledge with anyone around me if I think I am capable of helping them.

I started writing this blog especially to help the junior students who are currently following the same degree but the knowledge I share here is open to all. I truly believe in giving the world more than I take. So, when I learn something new by my own I am always willing to enhance my skills and help anyone with the knowledge I gathered since sharing always gave me self satisfaction :)

Please feel free to contact me once you find any question about any of my Blogs and I will surely help you guys as I get time. Once you read my blog posts, do not forget to leave a comment keeping in mind that your feedback will surely help me to improve.

You can contact me via,

My personal email : amsherihan@gmail.com
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