Friday, November 9, 2012

Installation of Cisco Packet Tracer

I'll show the steps for the installation of Cisco Packet Tracer software in this post. note that the version explained here is 5.2. I think its same for the version 5.0 as well.

1. Double click on the Packet Tracer 5.2 Setup icon

2. In Windows 7, it will ask you for the confirmation for the installation. Click Yes in the dialog box
3. Then, follow the below screenshots and provide confirmation accordingly

if you have less space in the default location as shown above, you can browse and provide another location

if you would like to have both a desktop icon and a Quick Launch icon, then select both the check boxes shown above and click Next

if you want to run Packet tracer, as soon as you install, you can select the above shown check box and then click Finish. Or else click finish without selecting the check box.

OK, now, you are done with the installation and ready to follow the practical sessions along with me. I hope you will enjoy working with packet tracer