Monday, April 22, 2013

How to handle the 'disk space full' problem in your Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation ?

Good to write a blog after a long break. This post is about how I  came out of a big headache recently. Currently I run a fedora 14-64 bit virtual machine in VMWare Workstation 7.1.4 build-385536. This is mainly created for the purpose of installing and maintaining oracle 11g database management system. Since I’m doing my College assignments in the virtual machine, I used to create separate databases for each assignment for ease of understanding but meanwhile, I ended up with a trouble because of running out of disk space in my home directory. I couldn't continue doing anything with the Virtual machine without a proper disk re size to allocate some more disk space at least for /dev/sda4 partition of the VM where the home directory is also located.

First of all, I tried little tricks to get some space in the disk to continue my work. You may guess what they might be. What I basically thought is to do something similar to performing disk clean up and running a Defragmentation for the disk as same as we perform such in the familiar Windows environment. My actions are listed below

Since the above tasks can be performed independently, I have made them available in a set of posts. If you want to perform any task, please click on the action you are interested in to view the specific post. Since these types of issues are an obvious headache for a beginner, I thought to make the things understand in an easier manner in those posts.