Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to enable wire log in WSO2 ESB Server?

When working with WSO2 ESB server implementing connectors to connect to several APIs, one of the main problem I faced was the difficulty in monitoring the server while a request is sent to it from a connector. It was realized that things would be much easier if we can see how and what are the parameter going towards the ESB and what are coming from the ESB server while we make each request. 

Here comes the usage of enabling wire log in WSO2 ESB server. It's pretty simple but I hope the outcome will be so helpful to identify the behavior of the server.

Follow the simple steps. But before that make sure that you have the latest and properly running ESB in your local machine. If you want to know basic steps of running the WSO2 ESB, please follow the blog post here

If your ESB server is already running, make sure to follow the steps below and restart the server to apply the changes and monitor the enables wire log.

Enable the wire log as instructed below

Go to the extracted folder of the running instance of your WSO2 ESB server and move to the below shown location.


Now, open the file in some text editor like Notepad ++

find for the word "wire" and locate to the below shown lines of the file.

Now, uncomment the highlighted two lines that are shown in the above image. Save and close the file. You are done.

As I have already mentioned, if you already have the server instance running, do restart it to apply the changes. 

How to restart your ESB Server?

Follow the coupe of screenshots below

Hope it was useful to you. If so, please leave a comment.